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About Abilash Pulicken, LPC

I was born in India, grew up in the Middle East, and immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven. Growing up in three countries taught me to appreciate the diversity of the human experience, but more importantly, helped me understand that deep down inside, many of us want the same things - safety, love, affirmation, and happiness.

Following my graduation from Arizona State University in May 2007, I entered the field of mental health with a desire to work in spaces as diverse as the people I intended to help. I began my journey with an internship in private practice, where I developed the skills necessary to treat a wide variety of mood and trauma disorders.

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling in May 2012 and spent the next four years working with Native American families on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. My time on the reservation was equal parts rewarding and formative, and it solidified my desire to work with individuals and families who have often been historically overlooked or mistreated in healthcare spaces.

Upon moving to Atlanta in 2016, I began my ongoing work with members of local LGBTQ+ communities of color. I also returned to private practice at this time and began my work in daytime television. I was extensively involved with Divorce Court in on and off-camera capacities for several seasons before setting out to found a private practice of my own.

The formation of Garuda Counseling is, in many ways, a culmination of my experiences as both a person and as a professional. I am excited to work with individuals for all walks of life, but my passion remains working alongside those who have felt unseen or unheard in traditional counseling spaces. Let’s talk soon - I know we can accomplish great things together.

What to Expect

Phone Consultation

Free Consultation

New clients are invited to schedule a no-cost, 15 minute consultation session that can be conducted by phone or video conference. These free consultations are a great opportunity for you to tell me more about yourself, and to ask any questions you may have about insurance or any other aspect of the counseling process.

Intake Appointment

Intake Appointment

Our first appointment will focus on the reasons that brought you to therapy, and I may administer additional tests depending what your needs may be. We will use this time to explore your past struggles and victories in regards to your psychological functioning, and will also discuss any work with previous mental health providers that you may wish to disclose.

Ongoing Appointments

Ongoing Appointments

Standard individual counseling appointments last from forty-five to fifty-three minutes, but may be extended or shortened based on client need. At the start of the therapeutic process I often recommend that clients schedule one appointment every weekly or bi-weekly in order to maximize the benefits of clinical interventions. While I will make recommendations regarding the frequency or sessions or the length of care, I will defer to a schedule that makes sense to you in regards to your care needs and financial reality.

Couples or Family Appointments

Couples or Family Appointments

Couples and family sessions last approximately seventy five minutes, but may be extended or shortened based on client need. I primarily utilize emotionally-focused and family-systems approaches during these appointments, but may also implement other interventions based on the needs of the couple or family in front of me. Additionally, I may recommend individual sessions to complement or replace couples sessions based on client need.


Garuda Counseling meets the requirements of the 2022 No Surprises Act by providing a good faith estimate of expected charges to uninsured and self-pay individuals. Self-pay clients can find a fee schedule for the services offered by Garuda Counseling below:

Service Session Length Pricing
Initial Consultation 15 Minutes Free
Individual Psychotherapy Session 60 Minutes $150.00
Couples Therapy Session 90 Minutes $225.00
After-Hours Session 60 Minutes $225.00

Please note these rates are subject to change with ample notice to clients. Insured individuals will be billed through their insurance provider - the rates above apply to self-pay clients only.


Trauma can take many forms, and negatively impacts our lives, our relationships, and even our physical health in many ways. Confronting past trauma can be frightening, especially when trying to do so alone. I’ve trained extensively in a number of trauma-focused approaches that will help you develop the insights, skills, and strength that will help you confront problems you previously thought too big to overcome.

The loss of a loved one or a relationship is often a devastating life event. Loneliness, anger, confusion, and sadness are all natural feelings that follow a loss, but these feelings can be hard to navigate alone. I will work alongside you to understand the complex nature of your loss, and utilize empathy and evidence-based approaches to help you navigate this difficult time.

We all have things that make us different - our cultural heritage, sexual identity, our religious beliefs, and many other life experiences. These differences can serve as a source of strength and wisdom, but they can also be a source of tension and disconnection. Drawing from my own personal experiences as an immigrant and over ten years of clinical work in minority-majority spaces I can help prepare you for the challenges that come with existing in spaces that can feel challenging, and sometimes hostile.

Our relationships with our loved ones can affect our well-being in many large and small ways. Healthy relationships with our parents, partners, friends, and children can make life joyous and fulfilling, while dysfunctional relationships can negatively affect every area of our lives. Empathy, skill-building, and the development of new insights are the three principles that guide my work in the relationship space, and I will work diligently alongside you and your loved ones to heal the hurts that may have damaged your bond.

Many of us live in spaces dominated by technology - between smartphones, video games, computers, social media, and television screens, it’s easier than ever to disconnect ourselves from real-world spaces and spend time in the virtual world. Misuse or overuse of technology can negatively impact psychological functioning, sleep, and relationships, and finding ways to redefine our relationships with our favorite devices can be difficult. If you struggle with technology misuse, I can aid you in developing the skills necessary to use technology is a sustainable and healthy way moving forward.


I do have a limited amount of discounted and pro-bono sessions available for uninsured Georgia residents who are members of certain marginalized groups. If you are in need of reduced-cost or pro-bono services, I would be happy to discuss the specifics of your case during our initial consultation meeting.

Yes, I do have a limited number of after-hours slots available. Please be aware that these slots do cost more than sessions during traditional hours ($225 for a 60-minute session) and are not covered by insurance.

Yes, I am willing to write accommodation letters for clients following the receipt of a signed release of information form. Letter writing requests will be billed at the same rate as an individual counseling session ($150 per hour).

Unfortunately not. Based on the rules governing my license, I will not be able to provide you with services if you are not physically present in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina at the time of our meeting.

Clients may cancel their appointments at no cost up to twenty-four hours before the scheduled start time of their session. Sessions that are canceled with less than twenty-four hours notice will incur fees of $150 (individual sessions) and $225 (couples sessions.) Additionally if a client does not arrive to their appointment within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, the appointment will be marked as a cancellation.

If you are a prospective client who struggles with an unpredictable health condition, please discuss your needs and concerns with me during our initial consultation meeting.

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